50 Cent is on the comeback trail with his upcoming album Black Magic, looking for his first big hit in nearly half a decade. He's expressed that he wants the album to be a return to the "aggression" of debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin', but it can't be all aggression all the time, so he's also hooked up with dance trend-setter David Guetta for new song "Bullshit & Party." The two blow off some steam on the floor, riding a Baltimore-sounding club beat and a classic rap hook borrowed from the Notorious B.I.G.

Unfortunately, 50 doesn't sound like he feels much like dancin' over Guetta's hyped-up beat. The supposedly reinvigorated rapper  couldn't sound much less enthused as he repeats the laughably repetitive hook: "All we do is party and bullshit and party some more / All we do is party and bullshit around the globe on world tour / That's that bullshit / Let's party." When Biggie chanted about the same two pillars of he and his friends' lifestyle, he made it sound anthemic, inviting you to join along with him, but from Curtis it sounds more like the existential lament of Weezer and Lil Wayne's "Can't Stop Partying" than anything that would ever really get a club going.

Meanwhile, Guetta is hardly bringing his "A" Game either, relying far too heavily on the same piercing three-or-four-note synth riff, which sounds about as uninspired as 50 himself. "I got Guetta goin' ghetto now / I suggest you don't fuck around" Curtis brags in one of the song's verses, but really, the two sound about as excited to be collaborating as they look in the above awkward picture, which Jackson tweeted back in February, also writing “This me and David Guetta in the studio we just made a big hit for his album suckers lol." I wouldn't be pre-ordering too many copies of Billboard in advance of that one, Fitty.