The Singles Bar - Beyonce, "Schoolin' Life"

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In case you're an upstanding citizen who hasn't heard a single note of Beyonce's new album 4 except the official releases and/or camera-phone versions, here's a tiny spoiler: it's full of ballads and midtempo tracks. At least the main album is, without its sprinkling of Target-exclusive bonus tracks. But then, a lot of people are boycotting Target, so if you're one of them or just eager for new B, have a listen to one of the bonus tracks, "Schoolin' Life," below.

Schoolin' Life - Beyoncé by HDMI44

So who should listen to "Schoolin' Life"? Oh, everyone: 20-somethings, 30-somethings, all the way on up to 50-somethings, and "pretty-somethings," "sexy-somethings" and "bitter-somethings" if you'd rather identify by adjective than age. The track was written and produced by noted Prince-in-waiting Terius Nash, aka The-Dream, so it's little surprise that there's enough wall-to-wall spotlight-funk to make his '80s material proud.

And like much of Terius's work, it's one big extended metaphor. Apparently Beyonce's no longer raising her glass to the college grads; she prefers to empty it ("At 14 they asked me what I wanna be / I said "baby, 21, so I get me a drink") and give would-be scholars something questionable to post on Facebook ("Who needs a degree when you're schooling life?")

But who needs moral panic when there's this much fun to be had? There's sass and smirk aplenty in B's vocals, and if it's her in the background with the whistle register, she's even better than we thought. And it's always nice to break up the ballads once in a while. Target or not.


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