A petulant Chris Brown took to Twitter last night to complain about not winning either of the Grammys for which he was nominated. "To all the fans!! I love y'all. Don't be upset!! This industry is based on politics and asskissing! My only concern is team breezy! Fuck everybody else!" (He deleted the copy of the tweet hosted on Twitter, but it remains on the over-140-characters site Twitlonger.) Earlier in the evening he expressed his appreciation for the same fans: "You guys don't know how much you mean to me!!! Teambreezy shits on your life!! Porto pottty!!!" That last bit may as well be about his new single featuring Benny Benassi, "Beautiful People":

In the first place, it's a big dumb Eurotrance track, which in itself isn't necessarily bad—but this dull melody is among Benassi's worst productions. Anyone who likes "Yeah x3" will find "Beautiful People" a poor substitute, and anyone who hates "Yeah x3" will hate this that much more. Brown tries to make the song his without putting any effort in, hoping that he'll be rescued by Autotune and echo effects, or that his (admittedly killer) dance moves will make this song work if there's a video.

But Brown winds up being anonymous on his own track; indeed, the only thing that stands out about it comes when you compare the complete lack of irony or aspiration with which he sings the up-with-everybody lyrics and his willingness to publicly talk shit about anyone and everyone who's not #teambreezy. It's that extra touch of insincerity that makes the song truly terrible.