The Singles Bar: Chris Brown, "Turn Up the Music"

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Around this time last year, Chris Brown dropped "Look At Me Now," one of the lead singles off F.A.M.E., and proceeded to absolutely own the year from there. The song basically reinvented his career, but he was wise not to try to repeat its hip-hop formula in future singles that year, and proved himself still adept at pop, R&B, and even dance music. So we were curious to see what direction he would take with his lead single (after perfunctory pre-release single "Strip") for 2012's follow up Fortune, and now we have our answer: "Turn Up the Music," leaked earlier today, is as strictly club-bound as we've heard from Chris since "Beautiful People."

Actually, "Music" isn't so reminiscent of of Breezy's Benny Benassi collaboration as it is of "Yeah 3x," his late 2010 jam with the big syncopated club hooks that just about every huge pop song of the time had. "Turn Up the Music" has the same kind of, uh, timely production, with the same kind of EDM beat and build-up-and-drop section that ex-maybe-current-girlfriend Rihanna used to perfection on recent chart-topper "We Found Love." There's also handclaps, screeching synths, "OMG"-style stadium chat-along vocals, and even a little LMFAO salute on the pre-chorus ("If you're sexy and you know it, put your hands up in the air").

Yes, the song screams "hit"—although more that it sounds like songs that are already hits than it sounds like it will obviously become a hit itself. It probably will, though—Brown is as good as any other pop artist right now in selling an ebullient club jam like this, and even if it's not a super-memorable performance from Breezy besides the LMFAO dropping and the oft-repeated four-word titular squawk, it's energetic enough to put the general pro-dancefloor sentiments of the song over. "Turn Up the Music" won't reinvent Chris Brown for 2012, but it may keep his 2011 success going well into the new year.



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