Oooh, the drama. Not in the real-life, Kim Kardashian sense this time, but just the music—get DJ Khaled, Kanye West, and Rick Ross together for a song, with Hit-Boy producing, and chances are the thing is gonna sound like an opera. "I Wish You Would" is indeed grandiose, with two of the game's biggest rappers trading off on the spotlight, arguably the hottest producer in rap right now laying  synths upon synths underneath them, and Khaled...well, doing his Khaled thing, hogging the song's first few seconds and then having the good sense to stay out of the way.

Kanye shows up first and basically steals the show by breaking out the auto-tune for the first time in what feels like a while—who would've thought four or five years ago that there'd ever be a time again when rappers singing with auto-tune would sound like a refreshing change of pace?—sounding positively feverish as he sings "The block is at war / Post-traumatic stress / Ran up outta pills / Robbed that CVS." Rozay can't hope to compete, but he still sounds predictably Boss-ish, rapping about being "hotter than the fuckin' devil" (nobody owns the word "fuckin'" like Rick Ross) and promising "Fuck niggas fall in alphabetical order." (Never reverse-alphabetical—typical elementary school alphabet prejudice.)

Of course, the real star here might very well be Hit-Boy, whose beat is always center stage in this one. The hook of the song ("I wish you would try to play us") would probably sound very ordinary and bland without the menace of his rising synths, insistent handclaps and blaring horns underneath, and just about any rapper would sound like they were on Kanye and Rozay's level on those tense, sparse, almost spooky verses, like something out of a demonic Miami Vice. Dude may or may not make it as a rapper, but if there's a more reliable go-to producer out there right now, we're not sure who it is.