Drake is nowhere to be found on "Legendary" by DJ Khaled and a whole lot of other people, namely Keyshia Cole and, redundantly, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown on the same track. (Which is redundant? Have at it, Internet combatants!) But his sigh and drag, so noticeable on "I'm On One," linger on DJ Khaled's latest random drawing of collaborators. Listen below:

"Legendary" isn't built on much: a sampled flute line that sounds like the "I'm On One" hook played on a rummage-sale computer terminal, a whispery piano and the vaguest flicker of a beat are about all we get. At least Ne-Yo, Keyshia Cole and (to a lesser degree) Chris Brown sound engaged with their material, or at least their melisma; meanwhile, the voice on the chorus is barely distinguishable from a synth buzz and about as muted. The bridge, with its vocal and instrumental stabs, does liven things up but only just. By the time DJ Khaled comes in with his "keep winning! be the best!" it's less a boast than an anonymous pep talk from the back of the bleachers.

Dozens of tracks, of course, bid for victory, and for every winning streak of hits there's a corresponding Charlie Sheen also-ran. "Legendary" is nowhere near that level, but legends--as the lyrics say--are born and created from more than big names and dueling voices. The track's got to be mythic too.