Things have changed for Enrique Iglesias with his 2010 album Euphoria. Just like his once signature mole, his unique sounding love songs ("Escape," "The Ping Pong Song") have disappeared, replaced with generic, albeit easy to move to, party noise. "Dirty Dancer" follows this newfound Iglesias formula: Pulsating synth + lyrics about dancing, loving and generally hooking up with someone in a club = guaranteed hit. The newly released single is actually a slightly altered take on the album's original version, thanks to the late addition of Lil Wayne and his invaluable bachelor wisdom ("Okay now I don’t dance, unless we dancing dirty"). While the title alone might have one thinking about Dirty Dancing or "Dirty Diana," the pelvic thrusts of Patrick Swayze and Michael Jackson's pelvic thrusts were tame compared to Iglesias take on raunchy and wild club behavior ("She don’t wanna love, she just wanna touch/She’s got all the moves to make you get it up"). Sure we've heard it from him before—twice, actually—but that doesn't mean it won't be a hit.

Iglesias and Usher trade verses throughout, lamenting that girl who won't be their one and only before rationalizing (over and over again) that she's a "dirty," the kind they can't bring home to their mamas (yet wouldn't be opposed to grinding on underneath the gross glow of a blacklight). There are less-than-favorable lyrics geared towards the unclean lady in question, unless of course she's moving on to one of these three eligible bachelors ("She’s a five when she drinks/But she’s a ten when she’s on top of me"). The monotonous chorus is hard to shake, and Weezy's guest spot, as always, is appreciated, but it doesn't add anything to the song except for a shout out to his own label ("She ain’t doing you, then you ain’t doing nothing/And ain’t no money like Young Money").

With aspirations of becoming another summer dance jam a la last year's "I Like It," Iglesias maintains the sound that helped solidify his comeback last year, but it's basically just a reworking of his previous hits (and this time, sadly, there's no Lionel Richie sampling). As for the impending music video, just try to stay in the continental U.S. when filming, boys.