In perhaps the last breath of a Gaga-worthy slow-leak, Fox has released the audio of perhaps the most high-profile song from Glee's post-Super-Bowl Zombie Football Mashup Spectacular, which airs this Sunday. Behold, the blend of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads Will Roll" and Michael Jackson's "Thriller":

"Heads Will Roll" seems mostly used as an accent piece, its guitar riff repurposed as a power-synth bit that gives "Thriller" a 2011 pop edge. And while "Off with your head, d-dance, dance, dance till you're dead" pales in comparison to the original's Vincent Price horror-anthology intro, it's basically impossible to ruin "Thriller"—even for the musical consultants of Glee, who seem to specialize in missing the point, yet who have produced a wholly serviceable, Timbaland-aping beat below the bit of Price monologue that remains intact. The only real misstep is the lyrical modification of the monologue to "terrorize y'all's neighborhood." Why even bother making that change?

But still. It's "Thriller"!


3 1/2 BOLTS