It's only a week into June, but the pop world's perpetually in a leaked-early, previewed-early permanent fast lane, and we're already getting drenched in what feels like months-festering heat. So if the Gym Class Heroes want to yank Travie McCoy back from "Billionaire" dreaming and temporarily bail Adam Levine from The Voice duties and Hands All Over's slow slide down the charts, why not? Listen to "Stereo Hearts" below:

"Stereo Hearts" is engineered specifically to rule wistful August radio, when the sun sears the streets well into evening and when heatstroke seems to take over every hour. Travie McCoy does Travie McCoy (it worked OK for "Billionaire"), and Adam's hook sighs and whooshes like the exhaust from "Airplanes," swaddling vague-evocative lines like "sing along to my stereo" in soft-focus gauze. Meanwhile, the dark synths doddering beneath the verses suggest that producer Benny Blanco's been studying up on his "Tinie Tempah"--and Tinie's producer Labrinth--after the British rapper's crossover.

And if you liked the music metaphor in Iyaz's "Replay" (someone had to have), now it's extended to box-set length, a nostalgist's collection of boomboxes and mixtapes and earworms that's probably meant to make all this seem more Real, especially considering that "good music can be so hard to find" line. Even the title brings to mind a certain crossover hit.

In other words, "Stereo Hearts" is pretty much the exact song template that charts in about six places every summer, and you'll likely hear enough of it by August to make you sunsick. But for every feeling, there's a season, and you've got to put something on at the close of those end-of-summer parties.