The Singles Bar: Jennifer Lopez, "Hypnotico"

As Jennifer Lopez's comeback tour continues, People's Most Beautiful woman of 2011 will keep pumping out generic dance pop until it's no longer age-appropriate for her to shake her most famous body part. "Hypnotico," the third single off the upcoming Love? is another upbeat club anthem, written by Lady Gaga and produced by RedOne, the man behind much of Mother Monster's biggest hits (including "Poker Face," "Bad Romance," and most recently, "Judas"). After releasing her Lil Wayne collaboration "I'm Into You" -- and showcasing some range in terms of sound and style -- Lopez returns to the Haus, and delivers another fairly standard, albeit catchy, dance track.

It's the second of two Gaga and RedOne creations off Love?, which comes as no surprise considering the song pretty much replicates the formula of the album's first single, "On The Floor" -- merely without the Pitbull cameo and a less militant, more girl-friendly message. "All the girls that know they sexy, come on!" Lopez calls out in the intro, before later breaking into a chorus that declares herself just one among a group of innocent flirts. "All the boys all love it when we do our thing / We just some silly heartbreakers tonight," she sings, a line you'd be silly not to think will become a dance-floor chant among slightly intoxicated females (and males) in bars across America this summer. Yet the softer chorus allows Lopez to showcase some range and provides a nice counter to the repetitive, staccato breakdown of the song's title that precedes it (however "hyp-not, hyp-not-ico" is almost identical to "up on the floor, up on the floor"). It all becomes increasingly monotonous over nearly three and half minutes, and proves impossible to get out of your head after more than one listen (which I guess is a good thing).

Although this seems like an unlikely track for Gaga herself, for Lopez it's another safe move towards revitalizing her music career. "Hypnotico" appeals to the dance-crazed party goers, looking for that next frothy pop beat to provide a soundtrack to their carefree nights out. If anything, merely saying this track is compliments of the Born This Way auteur gives Lopez a bit more credibility, but I'm not sure if the same could have been said for Gaga if it was released as the next single from her new album.


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