@ The Singles Bar: Johnny Weir, "Dirty Love"

Johnny Weir is a champion figure skater who's controversial because he's slightly more flamboyant than his sequined peers. In his new memoir Welcome To My World, he comes out of the closet (surprising no one), and today he revealed to Perez Hilton that he suffers from an eating disorder.

It makes sense, then, that Weir also thinks of himself as something of a pop star. "Ice Shadows" is a remarkably turgid, Russian-language slow jam in Russian, and his new song "Dirty Love," is a pretty incredible dance track that aims for Lady Gaga and totally misses—instead, it ends up sounding like a lost goth-pop single from 25 years ago.

In fact, "Dirty Love" is successful in large part because of the way it gets everything wrong about contemporary Western pop. Weir's voice is completely average, even monotonous; he has a bored-with-life affect that most new wavers could only hope to affect. "Dirty Love" never really takes off, either; its thumping synths and swooping disco strings just keep going and going, making it closer to something like John Foxx's "Underpass" than anything that's on the radio right now.



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