Say what you will about Ke$ha, but she knows how to cater to her audience, and doesn't play against type just for the sake of avoiding being pigeonholed. (That, or she's just kind of lazy. Probably a little bit of both.) Anyway, new song "Tease Me"—leaked yesterday, thought to be either a soundtrack contribution or a track from some upcoming deluxe edition re-issue—is your fairly typical K-Money fare, a grimy, id-oriented club jam with sparkly synths and grimy bass and Ke$ha sing-speaking her way through an invitation to her world of sex, drugs, dancing and fabulousness. Her electroclash predecessors would be so proud.

You can probably guess about half the lyrics without even listening. There's lots of sleazy come-ons ("Turn me on like a television," "Private dance like I'm Tina Turner"), fabulous-life references ("Dance on top of the Maseratis," "Everywhere I go from Tokyo to London town") and of course, an entire spoken-word breakdown section about glitter. (OK, maybe not yet on the last one, but wait for the remix). The one thing we're confused about is whether or not being teased is a good thing in this song's purview—Ke$ha refers to the "girls teas[ing] the boys, and the boys teas[ing] the girls" as a waste of time, and asks her man why he gotta tease her, but then turns around and repeatedly instructs him to "Go ahead and tease me." Always a tease on whether or not she wants to be teased, that Ke$ha.

Unsurprisingly, whether or not you like "Tease Me" will depend highly on whether or not you like Ke$ha's discography up until this point. It's definitely not on par with recent top-notch hits like "Sleazy" or "Blow," but if you love songs that are the musical equivalents to dingy, strobe-lit nightclubs, you could probably do a lot worse than "Tease Me." At least Ke$ha is a qualified professional, dedicated to her chosen craft.



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