It was probably Kreayshawn's musical destiny to record a sleazy, electroclash-style club track like "Rum and Coke" before long. Doing the gangsta rap thing is all well and good, but an artist as obnoxious and unclassy but potentially fabulous as Kreayshawn can only resist the glittery, low-rent thrills of the dancefloor for so long. So with guest artists Dame Grease and Vocaine in tow—no, we didn't make either of those names up—off she goes on one of the year's cheaper musical thrills.

Mostly, "Rum and Coke" sounds like a lazily produced and written Dev track, without any of the real hooks or occasional cleverness that her songs tend to come with. It's an ode to getting fucked up at the club, Kreayshawn's chorus consisting of "I'm snatching bitches and your hos / I'm at the bar I'm blowin' oh / The blunt I smoke is burnin' slow / The MDA will make you float," while the verses serve as mere placeholders until the song can get back to the lyrics. Dame Grease and Vocaine's contributions are negligible at best, Grease talking more about drugs ("A little bit of weed and percoset / I don't have to be so wet") and Vocaine rhapsodizing about chicks of various eye color ("Brown eyes / Got cherry pie / Red eyes / Got me really freakin' high"). Neither will be getting record deals off this song.

There is a sort of intoxicating rush to "Rum and Coke," as the song definitely sets a vibe early and sticks with it throughout. But it's an extremely low-grade high, a buzz that seems good at first but ultimately proves hollow and leaves you feeling kinda dirty at the end. Maybe Kreayshawn should stick to gangsta rap after all—or at least start hanging out with slightly more reputable collaborators.