It was probably inevitable that graphomaniacal rapper Lil B—the Bay Area MC, formerly of the Pack, who releases more songs in a month than other aritsts do over the course of their careers—would jump on the Justin Bieber train. And what better time to do it than in the week leading up to the Justinmentary Never Say Never, when the frenzy surrounding the singer is at an even higher pitch than normal?

It's nice that he cleaned up his swears in anticipation of the Googling youngsters who would no doubt find this track while doing their daily trawl for Bieber-related news! The barely there beat—a bit of percussion, the occasional siren, gasps that are both wordless and incorporating the oft-used-by-him word "swag"—is actually pretty hypnotizing, having caused this reporter to sort of stare off into the distance and let her vision go fuzzy while Lil B rapped about Bieber being his cousin. shouted out Sean Kingston, and chanted the word "Bieber" enough times to make me wonder just how many times he's hit up Moviefone to buy pre-release tickets for Justin's movie. "SEO rap"—songs and verses designed seemingly to accrue attention from people who are searching for popular topics—is oft-maligned, but this song would probably be just as intriguing if Lil B was chanting, I don't know, "see her" over and over. Is it too much to hope that the boy himself hops on a remix?