The Singles Bar: Little Boots, "Every Night I Say A Prayer"

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Little Boots' first career go-round was dance-pop, like lots of her peers. Dance-pop's a really broad term, though--more of a spectrum than a genre. And judging by her second string of singles--first "Shake," now this--she's moving more toward the dance side. Listen to her latest single, a Record Store Day tie-in, below.

Every Night I Say A Prayer by LittleBoots

"Every Night I Say A Prayer"'s all about nostalgia--the house pianos that anchor the chorus, the synth cowbells that show up on the bridge, the handclaps in the background and the snippetizing of Victoria's voice. You couldn't pick better pieces to build a dance track with, and if those pieces don't suit you, she's got several remixes' worth of substitutes.

If you're building a throwback dance track, though, you've got to make sure you're equalling or improving the excellent ones we've got already. Little Boots sort of succeeds, somewhat, part of the time. She can't quite deliver the chorus like a true diva--her voice's too composed, not quite big enough--but fortunately, that's the only time she tries. The verses suit her much better; instead of going over the top, she processes her vocals to the texture of liquid metal, distant and slippery enough with reverb to slide right off the key into its cracks. This style has its predecessors, too--Kylie Minogue, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Sarah Cracknell alone make up an imposing list--but it complements Little Boots. Let's hope it's a style she sticks with.