Hey, so. If you're under 18, this is not the post for you. Please read some other post. If you're at work or school or really anywhere in public, this is probably not the post for you. Please also go read some other post. If you are squeamish, do not like profanity or do not like blatant sexual references, most definitely go read some other post. If you're still around, we're going to warn you again anyway that everything in this post is NSFW.

Got that? Great. You're clear to listen to Lloyd's Weezy/Andre collaboration below:

The first thing you'll notice about "Dedication To My Ex" is that it sounds amazing. Imagine Duffy's "Mercy" (we're not the first to make that comparison) commandeered by Mutt Lange then slammed into an oil tanker. Lloyd sings the hell out it, Andre raps the hell out of it, and we're sure Wayne's doing something in there somewhere.

The second thing you'll notice about "Dedication To My Ex"--after about 14 seconds, to be precise--is that it's highly profane. Fader has helpfully counted just how many times it's profane. See, the title's deliberately misleading; it isn't a dedication so much as a gripe, and it isn't about Lloyd's ex so much as it's specifically about her genitalia. (He phrases it differently.) Lloyd misses it so much, he says, that he's prepared to gnash and wail until he sounds like a cross between Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You" tantrum and a certain Peter Gault joke song (WARNING: linked video possibly even more NSFW than what you've already listened to.)

Going back to the Cee Lo comparison at least, it's the same trick: the all-throttles-set joy of the track cajoles you first to nod along, then sing along, and finally sympathize along. But enough listens, and you start to wonder: about how it's really unlikely that "it" changed (that doesn't happen except in anatomical situations that we're not listing, jeez), or how Lloyd's using an awful lot of "my" pronouns about his ex. Then you notice how half these dedications sound like veiled insults, like "she used to be a really special lady" or "you were perfect before you went on a diet/ You was way thicker, you think I don’t remember," and then how a few other moments aren't so veiled at all, like "I'm about to kill this bitch / she gave away all my shit." (pronouns again!) or the last few seconds. It's uncomfortable verging on cruel.

Assuming that you weren't turned away at paragraph one, then, your tolerance for this song depends entirely upon how much you're willing to forgive for the sake of an awesome track. Maybe the radio edit should just be the instrumental or a Simlish cover.

(Explanation of bolt rating: track gets 5/5 bolts, above issues get significantly fewer bolts, then we averaged. It's that kind of song.)