@ The Singles Bar: Wiz Khalifa, "Roll Up"

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"Roll Up," the title of the latest single by herb-happy MC Wiz Khalifa, might sound like an ode to prepping his favorite method of relaxation. Surprise! It's actually a breezy romantic ode produced by Norwegian production team Stargate—who, in addition to crafting the manic, seeping-into-everything beat for Wiz's breakthrough hit "Black And Yellow," are responsible for more laid-back fare like Beyoncé's "Irreplaceable," Ne-Yo's "Miss Independent," and Rihanna's "Take A Bow."


OK, so there is a weed reference—a shout out to waking and baking (and eggs)—but "Roll Up" mostly focuses on Wiz making a play for another man's lady. It's not because he's a cad, but because the dude is just not treating her right: "It's your anniversary, isn't it, and your man ain't acting right," the song opens. The sing-song chorus, in which Wiz promises to "roll up" whenever his woman wants him, isn't great, and it may have a popularity hiccup among those people who can appreciate the song's sentiment but who aren't ready to listen to it when their significant others are around. But it's pretty infectious—and delivered in a package very similar to the aforementioned blockbuster hits—so it's probably going to be as ubiquitous a month from now as "Black And Yellow" is in the run-up to the Super Bowl.



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