It's been a year and a half now that Young Jeezy has supposedly been working on new album Thug Motivation 103, but with no release date imminent, "Ballin" is gonna have to do for now. The leaked track, supposedly from his new project, sees the Snowman hook up with special guest Lil Wayne and like-minded producer Drumma Boy ("Put On," "Lose My Mind") for a song that, if representative of the best that TM103 currently has to offer, might have the hip-hop community asking him to keep taking his time with this one.

Rapping over a predictably bombastic beat, Jeezy doesn't appear to be trying particularly hard, barely getting out of his pajamas for lines like "Hopped up out the bed, I think my roof gone / Think I forgot to put my roof on" or "I’m on them Diddy’s, spendin’ Dirty Money / I’m on that Jizzle, spendin’ my money." The chorus doesn't fare much better, based around the unrelated and non-salient points of "You think you ballin' 'coz you on the block" (really "you on the BLAUGH!") and "You know these hos came to see me ball!" Whatever, dude.

At least Lil Wayne's there to spice things up a little. Not like Wayne's putting in a particular amount of work here either, but Weezy on autopilot ("So many cars I’m like eenie meenie minie moe / So many colours in the diamonds, kaleidoscope") is always going to be more interesting than Jeezy on autopilot. However, boasts of "Last year I made a 100 million dollars flat" ring hollow when a) Wayne spent most of 2010 in lockdown, b) His previously stated goal for this year is to bank 50 million (pretty big step down, Weeze) and c) He's currently selling his house for $12.9 million to get the IRS off his back. You don't think your listeners get the internet, Mr. Carter? Give us some credit.