The Singles Bar—Jessica Meuse Is 'Done'

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"Baby, I'm done putting this sick horse down," American Idol season 13 standout Jessica Meuse rocks on her debut single Done. It's a passionate, gritty and darkly-laced breakup track that is a blistering reminder of pain and heartache. Instead of crying into her pillow, she takes back her life and declares that her male suitor can no longer have control over her. Much like her equally stunning Blue-Eyed Lie (which she premiered during her run on the hit singing show), Meuse's vivid storytelling is deliciously captivating and packs thunderous punch.

Built around a framework of acoustic guitar and pulsating drums (on the earth-shattering chorus), Done is deeply-rooted in real human emotion: there's an honesty with which Meuse bares her soul, ripping the listener's wide open in the process. There's a subdued sorrow that oozes from her vocal, from every coo to every high-octane power note—the singer lets you know exactly how it felt to have her heart shattered. In only three minutes, she beckons you on a rocky, emotional journey that never once lets you come above water for air. It's just that damn good.

There's no word, yet, on whether Done is the lead-in to an album, but we can only hope.

Grade: 4/5

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