The Smallest Penises In Hollywood—Check Out Who’s In The Teeny Peen Team

stars small penises hollywood

Not all dudes can be as well hung as Justin Theroux, now can they?

And, that goes for Hollywood's finest too. I mean, it's only fair, right? Big ego, big wallet…small penis—now, that's justice.

Surprise surprise, many of your favorite leading men are really, really good at going down, and if they aren't they really should get to be…STAT.

Even he, whose ego is big enough to fill the Batman costume, might need a little padding to help fill out the groin portion of the famed suit. Though, to be fair, the little guy seems to function just fine: He and his wife have three kids!

And that's just the tip!

Hollywood's Biggest Dicks, In No Particular Order

Nurse Jackie was right: The world IS full of little pricks—many of whom reside in Hollywood—Popdust has photos and the 411 on the teeny peen team—now, we never want to hear you bitching again about how we don't bring you the cutting edge, hard news, as and when it happens.


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