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Premiere: The Sweeplings Sketch Sinister "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" Video

The folk duo unearth the darkest edges of this classic children's lullaby.

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The Sweeplings, whose 2015 studio album Rise & Fall was one of the year's best releases, have appropriately stepped into the void left by the cataclysmic split of The Civil Wars. While their stylistic similarities are rather uncanny, Whitney Dean and Cami Bradley's harmonies are even more gutting, visceral and earthy, quaking underneath folk arrangements with vulnerability and fortitude. Now, they sharpen their skill set on a brawny and twisted reinvention of the classic nursery rhyme "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," an entry on their new Covers, Ch. 1 EP compilation (which also contains "Cotton Eyed Joe" and Nick Jonas' "Chains"). The accompany music video--which premieres exclusively today--was filmed in Iceland at sunset in one-shot, a rather impressive feat in and of itself.

The video was undertaken by the duo's own company, Marrow by Glass Jar Photography.

"When we decided to tackle this song, we knew it would be a strange one. A well known nursery rhyme turned dark isn't the most common choice, but we were drawn to it," the folk duo shares with Popdust. "When re-making a song that's already been done, you have to look at the core of what it has to offer--what needs to stay and what can be tweaked without touching the integrity of the original. The lyrics were the trigger to this one. There's actually a lot of depth there, and they can be interpreted in a lot of ways. We wanted to harness the 'guiding of the light' as the theme and frame the song as one that is leading you somewhere."

With the structural framework in place, Dean and Bradley uncover a tale as dark and gritty as a chilling, unreleased fable from Grimms' Fairy Tales. The clip undeniably captures the rawness and psychological component of the original, while still releasing a child-like wonder in the process. "This video is a reflection of that 'guiding light' spoken about above. Someone who is lost (could be emotionally or even physically) and longs for guidance. The representation of the light guiding in the dark and how we all long for that when there is any type of uncertainty," the duo notes of the harrowing video. "As children, that blindness is usually guided by our parents or guardians, but as adults, we have to seek that elsewhere. It can be scary, even paralyzing. The older we get, the more this nursery rhyme speaks true. The begging and hope that something, somewhere will guide us along."

The Sweeplings' Covers, Ch. 1 is out now on iTunes, as well as their brand new holiday-themed disc Winter's Call (available here).

Watch the video below:


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