The Ting Tings can't say they're aren't busy these days. Along with the release of new album Sounds from Nowheresville, the duo has made a foray into fashion world with the "Burst" Tee, their very own limited-edition t-shirt available exclusively at Popdust Style. To better gauge their own design sensibilities, Popdust spoke with Jules and Katie about the appropriate attire for meeting Queen Elizabeth, their own best worst style decisions and the importance of the concert tee on impressionable music minds.

POPDUST: What three words would you use to define your style?

THE TING TINGS: We're Not Cool...

Which rock star, male or female, has the best style of all-time?

Katie: Elvis Presley.

What would you wear to meet the Queen of England?

Jules: A Jedi warrior suit!

What was your worst fashion phase?

Jules: Alcatraz tracksuits bottoms on our current USA tour. Much abuse.

Katie: An undercut, plus Manchester United top, plus white polo neck. I was about 12 and just got into spitting.

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction? If so, how did you recover?

Jules: Revert to Alcatraz pants above, which are now in a bin.

Katie: The Manchester United shirt has gone, as has the spitting.

Your house is on fire and you can only save one item of clothing. What do you grab?

Jules: The same Alcatraz pants.

Katie: A custom-made Kung fu outfit.

What time period would you like to travel back to?

Jules & Katie: 1950.

What’s an embarrassing item of clothing that you’ll never throw out?

Katie: A flying squirrel outfit that I haven't yet worn, but it remains in the closet.

How long does it take you to get ready before an event?

Jules: 10 minutes.

Katie: 30 minutes.

What do you wear to bed?

Katie: Whatever I fall asleep in.

What was the first rock concert t-shirt you ever bought?

Jules: The Rolling Stones.

Check out the Ting Tings official shirt below, and get more details on how you can snag one of your own over at Popdust Style.