Betting on the Grammys this year essentially comes down to betting on Adele winning everything or being snubbed. There are other possible bets, most involving Bon Iver or Skrillex, but it's Adele's game for people to win or lose money on. You might have noticed how inevitable this seems, and to be honest, how boring. That's why we don't do straight odds at Popdust. We do prop bets. We've done them for the VMAs, for Idol, and now for the Grammys. So when you're sitting by the TV, Rolling in the Dip in front of you and drink in hand, print out this list and keep it handy. We promise only a few of them mention Adele.

(Obligatory reminder: Popdust doesn't endorse gambling, overdrinking or eating all the Rolling in the Dip oneself; if you're under 18, just use Monopoly money, etc. Cool? Cool.)

How many hand gestures will Adele's grand comeback performance incorporate?

Over 8: -200

Under 8: +200

What will Adele's grand comeback performance even be?

"Rolling in the Deep": -250

"Someone Like You": -0

"Set Fire to the Rain": +50

"Rumour Has It": +250

Anything off 19: +500

Someone else's song: +1000

A vocalise over "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites": +5000

How many "rolling in the..." puns will people make?

Over 4: +500

Under 4: -300

How many times will Bon Iver's name be mispronounced?

Over 3: +200

Under 3: -100

How many times will the word "dubstep" be uttered?

Over 5: +500

Under 5: -100

How many separate times will her victories stun Taylor Swift?

Over 2: +200

Under 2: -100

How soon into the broadcast will LL Cool J plug NCIS: LA?

Never: 0

Before one hour: +250

After one hour: +500

Who will have bigger hair?

Adele: -100

Bruno Mars: +500

Who will get the first "Who The Fuck Is ______" Tumblr blog?

Skrillex: -500

Bon Iver: -250

The Civil Wars: +100

Mumford and Sons: +250

Adele: +1000

Tony Bennett: +5000

Those Guys Performing With Foster The People And Maroon 5: +10,000 and a voucher for free alcohol of your choice to comfort yourself

Whose outfit (or something really similar) will land on Pinterest and/or fashion blogs first?

Nicki Minaj: -500

Katy Perry: -250

Taylor Swift: -100

Bruno Mars: 0

Tony Bennett: +100

Fergie: +500

Jack Black: +1000

Who will be the most flamboyantly dressed?

Cee-Lo Green: -500

Nicki Minaj: -200

Katy Perry: 0

Rihanna: +250

Bruno Mars: +500

Adele: +1000

Bon Iver: +2000

Who will cry first during the Etta James tribute?

Beyonce: -200

Drake: -100

Alicia Keys: -50

Adele: +50

Lady Gaga: +100

LL Cool J: +200

Bruce Springsteen: +500 and mandatory manly/womanly tears right alongside him

Skrillex: +1000

Who will make the first awkward political endorsement?

Bruce Springsteen: -200

LL Cool J: 0

Dave Grohl: +50

Taylor Swift: +250

Justin Vernon: +500

Katy Perry: +1000

Which presenter will be the most awkward in general?

?uestlove: -5000 for even having the stones to pick this

Gwyneth Paltrow: -500

Marc Anthony: -200

Jack Black: 0

Diana Ross: +50

Drake: +100

Ringo Starr: +250

Fergie: +500

Who will be most visibly embarrassed to be part of the special tribute-to-electronica clusterfuck?

Any Foo Fighter: -500

Chris Brown: -200

David Guetta: 0

Deadmau5: +200

Lil Wayne: +500

When, and how, will Justin Vernon throw a righteous tantrum?

He'll be a good little Bon Iver and do nothing: -100, and you might not exactly understand what prop bets are about

In an interview, after the fact: -50

Live, but just on Twitter: 0

Live, during the Beach Boys/Foster the People/Maroon 5 teamup: +50

Live, when Bon Iver gets shut out for everything: +100

Live, when Skrillex wins something: +200

Live, anything, plus a Kanye West stage-storm: +5000

Live, anything plus actual violence, arson or beard-rending: +100,000, and you will forever have something to lord over your friends and enemies who think they're too cool for the Grammys

What will shoot out of Katy Perry's chest if and when she performs "Firework"?

She'll do a very sedate, serious Grammys rendition: -500, and you're being boring

Sparks, like the video: -200

Whipped cream, like the other video: +200

Divorce papers: +500

A duet partner will (with SFX help) spring forth, like Athena: +1000

That, plus the duet partner is actually Russell Brand: +5000

Who will lead the Don Cornelius Soul Train?

There won't be one: -500

?uestlove: -250

LL Cool J: 0

Adele: +100

Chris Brown: +200

Nicki Minaj: +500

Skrillex: +1000

Will the Grammys acknowledge last year's supposed-to-be-breakout Esperanza Spalding at all?

Yes: +250

No: -200

Will John Stamos make an appearance during the Beach Boys thing?

No: -200

Yes: +250

Will Rihanna and Chris Brown acknowledge each other's existence?

Yes, Chris Brown will, obnoxiously: -200

No: 0

Yes, Rihanna will: +100

Yes, Chris Brown will, graciously: +200

There'll be a grand reunion on stage: +500 and a lifetime supply of barf bags

Will Loud win anything?

No: -100

Yes, anything: +100

Yes, including Album of the Year: +1000 and instant freakoutery from everyone

Will anyone find a way to mention Lana Del Rey?

No: -250

Yes: +500, and get yourself a PBR on ice

At the end of the night, who will be most snubbed?

Skrillex: -500

Bruno Mars: -250

Kanye West: -100

Radiohead: +200

Bon Iver: +500

Adele: +1000