Well, here we are! After a night of perplexing Pat Monahan and Ryan Tedder appearances, not to mention a few months of bizarre Andrews Sisters tributes, first chances and second chances and third chances, endless recaps and previews and creepy comments from Cee Lo then Christina then Blake, and absolutely no coaching, the winner of The Voice is... Javier Colon from Team Adam!

Honestly, I'm OK with this--even though I've been harsh sometimes on Javier, Dia, Vicci, Beverly and their compatriates over the weeks--not to mention Carson, Alison and others where "sometimes" doesn't apply as well--I've gotta give The Voice props for selecting a final four where anyone could've won and it be OK. They'll all get record deals. They'll all get at least a single each. Perhaps we'll be putting up big flashy pictures and weighty reviews of all four within the year. One can hope!

At any rate, it's been fun, but it's not over yet. Check back tomorrow morning for our full recap and our thoughts on the duets! (Spoiler: NOT okay with those. Not at all. But never mind for now.)