The Voice is over. Long live The Voice, which will be returning this fall, 8 to 9 p.m. Monday and Tuesday. It'll also air in the spring. Recappers the world over mourn their schedules, audiences all over the world try to search their hearts for any space left to care about semi-unknown singers and their hypothetical careers, everyone involved in The X Factor panics a bit--tomorrow in those offices will be fun, I bet--and Carson Daly sits back and smiles. And yes, The Voice at this point is one of the better singing shows on air, but still. This is a bubble. The bubble started to deflate at least a year ago.

The other, somewhat more interesting bit of news comes from Vulture. Apparently, some future season of The Voice might have different coaches:

We've got deals and options on all of them for the next two cycles. But they are all such busy, working musicians.... their schedules start to back up on each other. We don't know yet whether it will make sense for them to do two cycles.

That's one way to introduce novelty, I suppose. The Voice, the franchise: you've grown accustomed to the coaches, but hey: any old set of famous people will do.