Tonight, eight become six, as we say goodbye to two more artists. I'm already sad. Carson takes us through last night's performances, in case anyone suffered a head injury in the last day and can't remember what happened.

Before he can start breaking hearts, Carson brings out Sheryl Crow, who will be singing her new single "Easy," with the help of Danielle Bradbery, Holly Tucker and The Swon Brothers. Sheryl's new song is not the most interesting thing she's ever put out, but it's fun to see Team Blake performing with her, and hey, you can't strike "If It Makes You Happy" gold every time.

Time to check in with our coaches. Shakira is clearly so, so nervous. She talks about the stresses of coaching, and that you never know how people will react to different choices, and that if Sasha goes home it will be because of a mistake her coach made, not because of anything she did. Aw. One nice thing about Shakira and Usher getting down to one artist so early is that they both clearly have developed some serious love for their artists. Hopefully they both stick around tonight. Carson also takes the time to plug Blake's Oklahoma benefit concert, airing tomorrow. They also show off Blake's special Oklahoma-themed Starbucks cup, which would be nice if it weren't filled with moonshine or whatever it is Blake gets drunk on.

Tonight all the contestants are getting paired up for duos, and the first one is between Judith Hill and Michelle Chamuel, singing Calvin Harris and Florence Welch's "Sweet Nothing." It's a fun performance, and they both sound great on it, though it feels a bit more like a battle than a duet. The two powerhouse ladies don't interact much, and the arrangement has them taking turns firing off runs, which inevitably makes it seem like a sing-off. Still, it's fun to hear these two huge voices on the same track, and when they're singing together it's really great.

Time for the first save. Carson wastes no time on questions, and quickly announces that Michelle Chamuel is safe. Usher leaps up and down and picks her up and spins her around and he looks like a kid on Christmas morning. He has his glasses on, and it's all just too cute for words.

The Swon Brothers and Sasha Allen are taking the stage next, performing "Don't you Want To Stay" by Jason Aldean, featuring Kelly Clarkson. Vocally, this was great, though I will say it was kind of weird to watch Sasha alternate between brothers on this lovey-dovey song. Nonetheless, these three sound lovely together, and I am liking hearing Sasha's voice on a country song. 

Next save. From Team Blake, Danielle Bradery is through to the next round!

After using the break to celebrate, Danielle is back on stage singing Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" with Sarah Simmons. The ladies both look stunning in light, ethereal gowns, and they're on a set taken straight from a fire marshal's nightmare, with about a million candles surrounding their feet. It was smart to put these two together. They have a very similar tone to their voice, and it's really nice to hear such a patient, subtle performance.

The remaining unsaved artists take the stage, and Shakira has her head in her lap. Not for long, though, as Sasha Allen is saved. Shakira is 110% more excited about this than Sasha, as she screams like a banshee and runs on to the stage to hug her shell-shocked contender.

The last performance is from Holly Tucker and Amber Carrington, singing the lovely Reba McEntire/Linda Davis duet "Does He Love You." It's nice to hear a song that was actually written to be a duet, and obviously these two country divas are great on it. Amber, in particular, sounds amazing, though Holly certainly holds her own as well.

Holly and Amber are joined by the other artists for more results. America has saved... The Swon Brothers! Wow! Good for them.

After the break, we're down to the last four. Two to save, two to leave. The first save is Amber Carrington. That leaves Judith, Sarah Simmons and Holly Tucker. The final person moving on to the final six is... Holly Tucker. WOW. That means that Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons are going home. Team Blake retains all three of his artists, and Shakira, Usher and Adam are all down to one. Wow wow wow.

Next week: the top six perform. Can Blake's country stars be dethroned?