The Voice Recap - In the Season 7 Finale, There Can Be Only One

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It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday... And yet we must. Tonight, It's Adam versus Adam versus Adam versus Blake in the finale of The Voice! The votes are in, and now, either Adam Levine's Matt McAndrew, Chris Jamison and Damien, or Blake Shelton's Craig Wayne Boyd will take home the trophy. And Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams will be here too, looking pretty and not at all bitter.

We've got two hours to kill, though, so let's not pretend we're going to get results any time soon. First up is a performance of Pompeii by Bastille  from the Top 20. The Top 4 kick off the performance, and they do not sound great. Um, fellas? Spend a little too much time celebrating last night? The rest of the performance is fun though, even though there are so many faces that I have already forgotten. Like remember Jean? Yeah, me neither. Sorry, lady!

All the coaches are looking spiffy for the finale - Pharrell even put on his fanciest embroidered track jacket for the occasion! Everyone is super proud of the artists and super happy to be a part of this show, and Blake is "nervous as crap." Me too, Blake. Me too.

Craig Wayne Boyd is first up for the "bring back performance," and he's recruited DaNica Shirey, Sugar Joans and Taylor Brashears to help him sing Keep Your Hands to Yourself by The Georgia Satellites. Craig is definitely taking the lead role in the song, with the ladies serving as sass machines, and it's really cute and really fun. DaNica sounds particularly great on this song - the breaks in her voice are masterful, and kind of make me wish we heard her tackle some down-home country songs during her tenure. All the ladies and the fella sound great, though, and this was a really delightful performance.


Hey, Hozier is here! He's singing Take Me to Church. It's really good! This song is so great, and this dude has a great voice, and the amens give me goosebumps. It's kind of crazy how big this guy has gotten in the last year thanks to this song. But also... it's a really good song.

Chris Jamison is bringing back Luke Wade, Ricky Manning, Taylor Phelan (aw, missed you, Tay!) and Ryan Sill to help him sing Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) by Lorde. There are a million women in sequined rompers providing some sweet dance moves, and the guys all sound great and look like they are having a blast. It's always great to see the eliminated artists performing on the finale, when there's no pressure and they can just have a ball and not worry about the outcome. It's just a rocking good time for all parties, and I'm digging it.

Matt McAndrew is joining Fall Out Boy to sing Centuries for his celeb performance. It's a little weird to have Matt there without an instrument standing alongside a band, but his voice does fit in really well. Couldn't they let him play guitar with them or something? Still, this is fun, and Matt is actually given quite a lot to do in the song, which isn't always the case in these team-ups.

Lady power song! Bryana Salaz, DaNica, Sugar, Jean Kelley, Mia Pfirrman are singing Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. Well, this is amazing. Obviously all five of these women are powerhouse singers, but on top of that, it's fully choreographed and they are in coordinated gowns and it is just perfect. I love this so much. There is really no reason that a woman shouldn't have been in this finale.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars are performing Uptown Funk! Bruno's hair is in curlers! There's a car on stage! The man band is in full force with their dance moves. Bruno sure knows how to put on a show. This song rules, Bruno rules, the man band rules. Mark Ronson doesn't get much screen time, but he rules too. A plus performance.

The final four did a Christmas concert and got free cars from Nissan. Sponsorship! Moving right along...

Craig Wayne Boyd is teaming up with Lynyrd Skynyrd to sing Sweet Home Alabama. Oh man, Craig must be so amped about this. Man, he's so cool. He's playing with Lynyrd freaking Skynyrd, and he still is chill as hell, riffing with the guitarist, popping his foot up on an amp and relaxing, all while singing his heart out. Killin' it, Craig! At the end ofthe song, the lead singer totally just leaves Craig out front to nail the finish, because why not? He's handling it.

Meghan Trainor is singing her new single Lips Are Moving. There's a lot going on for this performance. Dancers everywhere, flashing lights, giant lip cutout. But it's fun! It seems like she's maybe lip syncing? But hey, probably most artists do that, so whatever. This song is a blast.

Damien is joining Jennifer Hudson to sing It's Your World. Or at least he's supposed to be? It's a solid 45 seconds of J Hud wailing before Damien emerges, but when he does, he's given a full verse, so no harm no foul. Sweet, pint sized Damien looks like Jennifer's kid brother next to her in her spike heels, but he sounds great and hold s his own vocally with the diva extraordinaire. Side note: J Hud's short hair is so gorgeous on her.

Ed Sheeran, The Voice regular, is here to perform Thinking Out Loud. In a shocking twist, he sounds great singing his own, wildly popular song. The set design is pretty, and it's just Ed and his guitar out there, which is a nice change from some of the more intense performances tonight.

For Matt McAndrew's bring back, he asked Taylor Phelan, Mia Pfirrman, Taylor John Williams and Sugar Joans to join him for Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way. Oh, boy. This makes me feel so many feelings. It's just a happy, carefree performance. It's divided perfectly equitably, which I appreciate for the sake of the non-finalists, and everyone is just happy and beautiful. Especially Taylor. Ugh, Taylor. Eliminated way too soon. This was lovely.

Damien brought back Anita Antoinette, Elyjuh Rene, and DaNica to sing Ain't No Mountain High Enough. DaNica is a hot commodity tonight, huh? Once again, this is a really fun performance. Everyone sounds great. What else can I say? I love these bring back performances, and I love seeing DaNica getting to shine in about every one because girl power.

Chris Jamison is joining Jessie J to sing Masterpiece. This is kind of a weird matchup, but I'm on board. Okay this actually works kind of amazingly. Jessie's huge belt is super complimentary with Chris's falsetto, and the two actually have pretty great chemistry on stage. Of all the performances with celebs tonight, this is the first one that actually feels like a duet. They are totally clued in to each other, and they are working together and not just singing over each other, and it's kind of insanely good.

Finally, before results, we have our fearless leaders - Blake, Adam, Gwen and Pharrell singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. There's fake snow and fake trees and everyone looks great, and it's honestly just plain lovely. I'm going to miss these maniacs.

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OKAY THIS IS IT! Without further ado, the artist in fourth place is... Damien. In third place... Chris Jamison. So, who's The Voice? The winner of season 7 is... CRAIG WAYNE BOYD! Holy moly! Whodathunk?! Poor Craig is super emotional trying to sing his peppy, upbeat original song. His kiddo is on stage and Blake looks like he might actually pee himself from excitement. Well done, you crazy country kids. Well done.

What a ride! This has been a very satisfying season, and it's been a blast sharing it here. Until next time!