Well, here we are. The last results show before the finale. What a long, strange journey it's been.

Naturally, we start the night off with a recap, for that apparently huge number of people who skip the better half of the show and only tune in for the results show. Everyone had at least one great number last night, no coach wants their person (in Blake's case, persons) to go home, it's all what we've come to expect to hear on Tuesday nights.

To kick off the night, Fall Out Boy is here to perform their new single "'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)." Is it just me, or is that the worst song title in the history of the world? Just call it "Light Em Up!" Come on, FOB. Michelle Chamuel is helping out with some back up vocals, and she looks and sounds like a natural up there, of course. Despite it's abysmal title, this is a really fun, catchy track.

Last year's finalist Nicholas David is here to perform his single, "Say Goodbye." He's rocking some serious Bon Iver energy on this. His voice is still awesome, and I still totally dig his weirdo energy.

Confessional time! Everyone makes fun of Usher for calling himself Ursher, wearing shades, and being a great dancer; Adam for having a lot of tattoos; Blake for laughing like Santa and having an accent; and Shakira for having truthful hips and a banging body. Also of note:

It's time to find out the first person to make it through to the finale. EEK! Carson allows for the standard lengthy pause before announcing it to be Michelle Chamuel! No surprise there, especially not from coach Usher, who's sitting all cool and comfy in  his big red chair.

Tonight is the night of Season 3 finalists, and now it's Tony Lucca's turn to take the stage. His single is "Never Gonna Let You Go," and it's good! It's a little country/rock/folk hybrid, and he's rocking the guitar, and I'm totally on board. Good for him! We also learn that Tony is signed to Adam's label, and that he's going to be joining Maroon 5 for some dates on their tour. Awww. I love hearing about coaches continuing to play a role in the artist's lives/careers.

All five finalists are performing Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." The Swon Brothers are playing their guitars, and that plus the stage picture gives them a pretty solid showcase in this number. Everyone has red microphones and there is red lighting, and it should be cheesy, but this song is just too good to ever not be delightful.

Time to fill the second of three spots in the finale. From Team Blake... Danielle Bradbery, another unsurprising choice. Man, this last spot really could go to anyone. I don't even know who I'm rooting for at this point, but that doesn't stop it from being any less nerve wracking.

The last of our Season 3 finalists to perform is Terry McDermott. His single, "Pictures," has already hit #1 on the iTunes rock chart. Well, well, well. Terry and his terrible haircut aren't doing too badly for themselves, are they? It's a fun, kind of Coldplay meets U2-type song, and Terry is just as charming and as vocally perfect as ever.

OH GOSH GUYS! This is it! Only one spot remains. The remaining contestants each take a quick moment to thank their coaches, and now it's time for business. The final act moving into the finale is... THE SWON BROTHERS! Wow. So Sasha Allen and Amber Carrington are heading home. Adam Levine and Shakira are going into the finale without an artist, Usher and Michelle Chamuel will face off against Blake Shelton and Danielle Bradbery and The Swon Brothers. If I were a betting lady, I think I would have put my money on Sasha Allen taking the third spot in the finale, but I can't say I'm disappointed to see the brothers moving forward, especially not after their great performances last night.

So! What do you guys think? Can Michelle keep her hot streak going and take it to the end? Will Danielle Bradbery turn out another "amazeballs" performance? Could The Swon Brothers be the first duo to win The Voice? It's all going down next week. See you there!

Sorry, you two.