Tonight, to kick off the live results show, we are continuing the emotional theme from last night, as Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are performing "Over You" in dedication to the victims in Oklahoma. It's beautiful. Miranda Lambert is so great, and Blake strums his guitar and stares at Miranda with all this feeling in his eyes and FINE, there may have been something in my eye for a second. But only a second, as that powerful performance is immediately followed by the super upbeat highlight reel from last night.

Shakira and her team are performing "Stand By You." Despite Shakira's knee high sparkly boots, and the literal sparks showering from the ceiling, it still somehow manages to feel like an understated, touching performance. With only three of them on stage, there's plenty of team for each artist to do their thing, and Shakira does a pretty good job of sharing the spotlight (her shoes, not so much).

Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez are here. Vin Diesel is a HUGE fan of the show and is SO HAPPY to be here, and invites the entire audience to come watch the premiere afterwards. I really, really hope that he did that on a whim and without preparing anyone. That seems like something that this guy might do.

Now it's time for the "let's show America we have personalities" portion of the episode with the confessional montage. Highlights: Pharrell wants to be Willy Wonka but with more girls (I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE) because he's the perfect, and Shakira puts her feet behind her head because she can and why wouldn't she?

The first two artists who are safe and moving on to the Top 8 are... From Team Blake... Danielle Bradbery! And from Team Adam... Judith Hill.

Now it's Team Blake to perform, this time without their coach. They're singing "Mountain Music" by Alabama. These four have great voices for harmonizing. It's a fun performance, and while The Swon Brothers, Daniell and Holly all do great work, the two awesome violinists crushing it on stage with them totally steal it.

The next two saves are... From Team Usher... Michelle Chamuel! And from Team Shakira... Sasha Allen!

It's Usher's turn to join his team fora  performance, singing "The Look of Love" by Dusty Springfield. Loving this song choice. The stage is set up as if they are in a jazz club, which is kind of hilarious. What's even more hilarious is how Usher hides in the  on stage "audience," emerges for his solo, immediately whips his jacket off, and then throws it over his shoulder. Could he be any more smooth? No. The answer is no.

Next person safe is... From Team Adam... Sarah Simmons!

Judith, Sarah and Amber are performing "I Got The Music In Me" by the Kiki Dee Band. Well, this is adorable and wonderful. I'm really digging the team group performances this season.

Next artist saved is... From Blake... Holly Tucker!

After a commercial break, it's time to find out which two artists will be going home. After more questions from Carson (at 9:59! Carson, you cray!), the results are in. Amber Carrington is saved, meaning Team Adam remains in tact once again. Final save is... The Swon Brothers! That means Josiah Hawley and Kris Thomas are going home, leaving Shakira and Usher down to one performer each, while veterans Blake and Adam hold strong at three a piece.

What do you think? Can Sasha Allen and Michelle Chamuel hold their own against the powerful ladies of Team Adam and the country darlings of Team Blake?