"The Voice" Recap: The Coaches Face Difficult Decisions in Finding Top 12

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Uh oh, folks. It seems shenanigans were afoot in "The Voice" voting pool. After introductions, a serious Carson Daly brings out a suit from Telescope, the company that oversees voting for nearly all competition reality shows. The suit explains that there were some irregularities in the texting and online votes, but that steps have been taken to make sure it never happens again. Carson continues to nod solemnly, though I suspect he's giddy on the inside. "This is my Watergate!" is what I am imagining his inner monologue to be. In the interest of fairness, all texted and online votes have been tossed out, though the suit and Carson both pinky promise that this move has no bearing on the final result.

Team Shakira and Team Blake are joining together to sing "Hall of Fame" by The Script. It's a big, fun mess to start the show off.

This result show is only an hour, so we're wasting no time in doling out our heroes' fates. Team Blake is on the chopping block first. Carson reveals that the first person saved is Holly Tucker. No one seems surprised by that. The second save goes to Danielle Bradbery. That sounds right. Blake claims to be torn between Justin Rivers and The Swon Brothers. He says he was prepared for a few scenarios, but this one wasn't one of them. After some compliments to both, Blake decides to err on the side of uniqueness, and keeps The Swon Brothers.

Now Rod Stewart is performing. He bumps and grinds his way through his latest single "Finest Woman" (sample lyric: "she does not drink, she does not smoke / I rock her world even though I'm stoned), before bringing up Garrett Gardner, Josiah Hawley and Karina Iglesias to help him sing "Forever Young." The best moment is when Karina gets her solo, and Rod Stewart gleefully applauds her like a proud parent.

Cee-Lo Green has returned to "The Voice" stage to sing his single "Only You," along with his Season 2 finalist Juliette Sims. It's fun to see him singing with Juliette, someone he clearly digs and respects. There's a sweet moment where she gets up in his face and he seems to break character in reaction to her general badassery. After the song, Carson practically leaps into Cee-Lo's arms. Aw, he missed that big ol' weirdo!

Team Shakira is next up for judgement. Obviously, Sasha Allen is safe. I think the arena might have spontaneously combusted if that weren't the case. The next save is... Kris Thomas. Wow. That's a surprise for me. I thought he would be the one going home tonight. I think Shakira might have thought this too, because she is very flustered and doesn't make a ton of sense as she talks about how much she doesn't want to make this decision. Finally, she says that she wanted to choose the person who she could help the most, and because Karina is already such a professional, she's going with Garrett, who still has so much room to grow. Bummer. Kris is good, but they both should be staying.

Group performance from Team Adam and Team Usher. They're singing "Don't You Worry, Child" by Swedish House Mafia. It's fun. Let's not quibble over technical stuff. It's eight people who are nervous out of their minds. All things considered, they did great.

Team Usher is left on stage to learn their fates. The first artist saved is Michelle Chamuel. Rightfully so. Second save goes to Vedo. I'm happy for you, Vedo, but listen to "No Jackets Required," please. That leaves Usher to choose between Cathia and Josiah. After congratulating both on a great start to their career, he wastes no time and saves Josiah. That makes sense to me. Cathia is a great talent, but Josiah seems a little more up Usher's alley.

That leaves Team Adam. This one is going to be a shock no matter how it goes. I certainly would not want to be in Mr. Levine's position tonight. The first save is Judith. The second is Amber. That means its down to Caroline Glaser and Sarah Simmons. Adam seems to genuinely have no idea which way he wants to go. He agonizes for a few minutes, until Carson starts to get the shakes and passionately implores Adam to make his choice before the airwaves are cut and he loses his job. At the last possible moment, Adam shouts that he chooses Sarah. Because of Adam's hemming and hawing, Caroline doesn't get a chance to say anything, so let's all just assume that she was beautifully gracious. She seems nice enough, it's probably what would have happened.

What did you think? Do you agree with the coaches' decisions? Did seeing Cee Lo make you miss last season? Do you wish Rod Stewart would describe you as the "finest woman"? Sound off!

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