Welcome to "The Voice" live results. The air conditioning is back on, much to my chagrin, and Carson is ready to kill some dreams. Despite the fact that a recap of last night's show aired in the hour leading up to tonight's results, we're STILL going to spend five minutes watching clips from the top 12. All the coaches love their team, everyone thinks they have someone who could win, the usual.

Robin Thicke is here performing "Blurred Lines" with Pharrell Williams and T.I. Can we talk for a minute about how ridiculously charming Pharrell is? This is mostly Robin Thicke's song, but he's wearing sunglasses indoors, and Pharrell is in a bowtie, so you can guess who the hero of this number is. (I should note that Usher is also wearing his shades inside, but he's Usher so the rules are different for him). Oh also Kris Thomas and Vedo are singing backup, but even the cameraman seems intoxicated by the Pharrell goodness, because the two hopefuls get about five blink and you'll miss them seconds of screen time.

After the break, Carson gives us the wonderful news that this is not the last we'll see of dear Pharrell. The advisers are coming back next week, and Cee Lo is going to replace Joel Madden. Cee Lo Green and Shakira working together to mold young minds? Am I dreaming? Is it next Monday yet?

Before Carson can send home two artists tonight, we have to revisit the "confessional room" where the artists are asked to tell America something new about themselves. They're mostly uninteresting, with the exception of Zach Swon's Scream mask face, and Garrett's past life as an archery instructor at the Renaissance Fair.

Business time! After quick sharing a memory of watching Vedo's mom watch him perform in the blind auditions, Carson cracks open the envelope. The first person saved by America is... Kris Thomas. Hm. Sorry, America. He would not be my first pick. The second save goes to... The Swon Brothers! Aw, yay! Okay, America, we're all good.

After the break, Blake Shelton is performing "Play Something Country" with his team. The best part is watching The Swon Brothers, who are so clearly thrilled and happy about being saved, that they're just having a ball. There's also some cute stage flirting between Colton and Danielle. She's 17, so don't think about it too hard, just appreciate the adorableness. They all sound great. I feel like Blake usually does a better job than most coaches of putting his artists in front for the group performances, while he takes a back seat. It's nice.

Next saves - from Team Adam... Sarah Simmons! Lovely! And from Team Usher... It's Josiah Hawley! Fair.

Lady Antebellum is here to perform "Goodbye Town" along with the ladies of Team Adam. I love Lady Antebellum, I love this song, and they actually do a great job of letting the ladies show off and join in the fun. It's sweet, and I imagine it must be pretty incredible for country singer Amber Carrington.

More saves! From Team Adam... Judith Hill. Well of course. And from team Blake... Danielle Bradbery. Good good.

Now it's time for Adam Levine to join his team for a performance. Adam, as much as I adore him, is not quite as generous as Blake with sharing the spotlight. Not only does he take most of the vocals, he also gives himself a sweet, long guitar solo. But still, it's nice, and the girls all seem to love each other, and there's a great moment when Amber kills it, and Adam breaks his sexy face to turn around and smile at her.

The next person saved is Michelle Chamuel. Oh thank goodness. And Amber Carrington! That means all three ladies are sticking around for Adam, which is deserved. Shakira looks like she might throw up as she still has two artists on the chopping block.

There are two minutes left, and two artists left to save, but Carson still takes the time to ask Garrett how he's feeling. Someone's getting bolder with their time management skills, it seems. Here we go... America has saved Holly Tucker. Team Blake remains in tact. The last save is... Sasha Allen. Holy moly thank goodness. So that means Garrett Gardner and Vedo are going home. That seems about right. These two are both young, they'll be fine.

Next week! Cee Lo is coming back! And he's working with Shakira! And Pharrell will be there! It's going to be the best!