It's night two of the blind auditions, and so far Adam is leading with three team members. Everyone is wearing the same clothes because a talented team of hair and wardrobe professionals have been painstakingly maintaining the coach's appearances from day to day. Cee Lo is still sporting a head tat. Christina is radiant in sequins. Blake looks like Blake always looks, and Adam is channeling his inner lumberjack.

So, let's see who's moving on to the next round.

Jacqui Lee is a 16-year-old who spends her free time visiting children's hospitals and singing songs for sick kids. When I was 16 I spent my free time writing passive aggressive posts on LiveJournal, so now I feel like a jerk. She's singing "Back to Black," and she's great. It takes a long time, but finally Christina pushes her button. Blake, clearly just waiting for someone else to make the first move, follows suit. But come on? A 16-year-old girl with a big ol' voice? What choice does she have but to join X-Tina, who BY THE WAY, dances around barefoot? Who is this happy-go-lucky free spirit and what has she done with the fascinator wearing, sour faced diva of seasons past?!

Barry Black is from Samoa and has a lot of pride. He's breaking free from his hotel management chains to follow his dreams. He's performing "What You Won't Do For Love," and he does a weird thing with his mouth at the beginning that's kind of trumpety? And then he actually sings, and he has a nice, rich, soulful voice, which very quickly gets Adam to push his button. A few bars later, and Blake throws his hat in the ring. But Barry wants a coach who can relate to misguided facial hair choices, so he goes for Team Adam.

Destinee Quinn regularly performs at a biker bar and once won a contest that let her perform with Alice Cooper. As with any contestant with a famous connection, Carson whips out the tablet for an Alice Cooper shout out. She's singing "Cowboy Take Me Away" and she's doing something really interesting with it. She artfully tosses a run in there right up top, so of course Christina's spidey sense tingles and she slams her button quickly. Later on Cee Lo turns, but Destinee is feeling the girl power and jumps on Christina's team.

Cole Vosbury comes from a musical family and his badass grandmother toured with all sorts of famous folk, including Elvis who she "did not care for at first." Love her. Get grandma Nita Lynn on the stage, PLEASE. Cole is singing "Movin' On Up." Yes, you're thinking of the right one. The theme from "The Jeffersons." It's a bold move, and it gets him a spot on Team Cee Lo.

Holly Henry is a 19-year-old Minnesotan with what appears to be a very loving family. She works in a pancake house and only plays music in the privacy of her home. She's singing Coldplay's "The Scientist," and she has a very airy, nice quality to her voice. He pronunciation is a little derivative, but not as heavy handed as some of the other contestants. Also her little brother can't stop crying when she sings, so how can I not be on board? By the end of the song, all four chairs are turned, but she goes with early adopter Blake, who pressed his button after only one note.

Austin Jenckes is a scooter tour guide who's father, a musician himself, committed suicide when Austin was young. He's playing the guitar that his father taught him to play on, performing a song that he and his father played together. Woof, heavy. "Simple Man" is the song, and he's pretty awesome. Raspy, soulful goodness, and he's not over doing it. It takes a while, but finally Cee Lo pushes his button, and Blake quickly gets in on it too. Austin's a country/folk guy, and so he goes with Blake.

EG Daily is a 51-year-old voice over actor who voiced TOMMY PICKLES! Well, color me star struck! She's also appeared in a bunch of movies (Pee Wee's Big Adventure), but Rugrats, you guys!! She's singing Shania Twain's "Breathe," and it's awesome. It's Tommy Pickles plus a pack a day for 20 years raspiness and it's great. I might be biased. Blake and Cee Lo turn, and despite a big Cee Lo push from Christina and Adam, EG, like everyone else tonight, joins Team Blake.

Johnny Gray is an Air Force vet who saw some dark stuff in the Middle East and has used music to deal with it. He's already a staple in the Austin music community, so it's not super surprising that he's fantastic. He sings The Killers' "All These Things That I've Done," and he's got great stage presence and a unique quality to his voice - it all works. Even though his pre-interview said he was excited about Adam, Cee Lo snags up Johnny thanks to a Pearl Jam reference.

Tessanne Chin is the last performer of the night. She's from Jamaica and sang back up for Jimmy Cliff (cue tablet shout out from Jimmy) and has an adorable husband. She's a reggae singer, but she's singing Pink's "Try" for her audition. She's a pro, of course. It doesn't take long for all four chairs to turn. Her voice is deep and rich and great. She's a powerhouse. All four coaches are laying it on thick, but it's Adam and his reggae love who wins her over.

That's it for this week! See ya'll next week with even more blind auditions.

Stand-Out Performance: Hate to be predictable and go with the final performance, but Tessanne is a rock star and she crushed that Pink song.

Coach MVP: Cee Lo secured this win early on when, during the first performance of the night, he only had eyes for Jacqui Lee's boots. Stay weird, Cee Lo.