There are reality shows that live firmly in the past, all those Real Housewives complaining about long-ago slights both actual and imagined. Then there are the reality shows that only focus on the present, your Ice Road Truckers and Duck Dynasties and Honeys Boo Boo. Finally, there are the reality shows, singing competitions mostly, that keep their eye firmly on the future, that glorious land where any of mundane wannabe could be suddenly whisked onto superstardom. Of these, no reality show cares as much about the future as the Voice—the NBC hit just crowned a new winner last night, but already it can't help looking forward to its next season and its new judges (coming this spring!)

This fits with the Voice's general worldview: Its contestants are second bananas to the judges even at season's height, but then there is at least the pretense that some of them will go on to bigger and better things. When the competition's over, though, they disappear completely. Who cares who won before? They're the past! (Also if you were curious, it was Javier Colon and Jermaine Paul who won the Voice previously.) The most important thing is the next season, which will have new judges and new jokes.

But that doesn't mean we still can't enjoy this sunny slice of situation comedy, which tries to reassure Voice fans that all the great judges' chemistry they love won't be affected by the arrival of Usher and Shakira. If there's one quibble we have, though, it's that Shakira doesn't especially do anything stand out.  She's getting paid way more than the other guys!