After reaching the mid-point of the seven-month hiatus between Seasons 4 & 5 a few weeks ago, AMC has finally released the official trailer for The Walking Dead's fall installment. In the new 3-minute clip, our beloved characters (who were last scene trapped in a train car in Terminus) are ready to fight, and they won't let anyone stand in their way. It's an explosively jarring mind-spinning piece—as fans get a glimpse at even more destruction, blood and gore.

"This season is going to define these characters," executive producer Scott Gimple shared at the San Diego Comic Con on Friday (July 25), adding that the characters are more than ready to take on Terminus. As evidenced by the chill-inducing snapshot, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Glen (Steven Yeun), Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and company might be in over their first. After luring the termites into the train car, they are all bound and gagged. It's difficult to piece together an exact storyline, but at some point, there is an all out war. Ultimately, the group teams up with Gareth and have some intimate moments in the candle-lit room.

Previously, the network teased the fates of Carol (Melissa McBride), Judith and Tyreese (Chad Coleman), as they dealt with what appears to be a massive herd. Following the tragic "Grove" episode last season, we were left with an overwhelming sense of loss, with no indication of what was next in store for the trio. But we soon find out that at least Judith is safe, leading to assumptions that Carol and Tyreese make it to Terminus. We even get to see Rick, Carl and Judith reunited as a family.

Another character scattered to the wind in Season 4 was Beth (Emily Kinney). Fans will be relieved to know she is featured heavily at the end, but it looks like she's become part of a "greater good" experiment by some not-so-good cops. Yikes!

Meanwhile, a huge casting announcement came during the first half of the panel. Seth Gilliam, known for his work on Teen Wolf, The Wire and Law & Order, has been cast as the mysterious Father Gabriel—a character ripped straight from the comics.

The show is set to return to our TV screens on Oct. 12. Get ready.


For now, behold the trailer:


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