The Wanted are going to tour with Justin Bieber. No surprise there; they're both Scooter Braun proteges, their demographics are more or less the same, and this has been rumored for a while. (Carly Rae Jepsen, also a Braun protege, has been thrown into that mix as well.) Considerably more questionable is the rest of the Daily Record interview that came from--in the sense that it leaves questions. So many questions! For instance:

- Scooter Braun is apparently "cleaning [The Wanted] up for U.S. tastes." Does that mean media training? (It almost certainly does.) Extensive instructions on which Britishisms are cute and which are just confusing, or which swear words are OK-ish in the UK but abhorrent abroad? Ultimatums to never, ever, ever give Tom the microphone during interviews?

- Why does Braun making The Wanted "presentable to America" have to involve Chris Brown?

- The band's written a couple songs lately, some of which are "Justin-worthy." What does that mean? Is there a sub-class of The Wanted songs that are not Justin-worthy? Does this have anything to do with being a swaggy adult? Did Bieber ever use the term "Justin-worthy" in reference to Timberlake?

- Switching interviews for a second: what on earth is going on with this Rolling Stone quote from Jay? "I think the current British invasion is the best one to be a part of, because the British empire was built on evil, so this music-based one is a lot more peaceful." What about the other other British invasion? Or the other other other one? Are they peaceful or evil? Can that part about the British empire make it into a Wanted song? (Probably not. But wouldn't that be interesting?)