Smack dab in the middle of a push towards American dominance, and The Wanted have found themselves in a bit of legal trouble. Piss off—this can only help foster their "bad boy" reputation! The Daily Mail has video of the band being detained by police in Los Angeles, following charges of trespassing. The five members can be seen sitting against a blank wall with prominent "No Trespassing" and "No Loitering" signs hanging above them. 21-year-old Jay McGuiness speaks with officers before being escorted away from the group in handcuffs, while a distraught Tom lies motionless on the concrete after making attempts at a compromise. Is it all a publicity stunt gone wrong? A horrible cultural misunderstanding? According to The Mail, it's simply part of Ashton Kutcher's elaborate scheme—isn't it always?—to revamp his MTV series Punk'd. Kutcher hopes to recreate the success of his original show with the help of pop stars like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus as guest hosts, mercilessly pranking their famous friends. Not bad, boys.

Likely seeing Jay and the boys interrogated by the police may have some members of TW Fanmily in tears, but we should all trust Uncle Ashton; this is truly a win-win. A stint on Punk'd proves The Wanted are big enough to be recognized by American television viewers and have the necessary pull to help carry a 30-minute episode. Check out a recap of what went down in Los Angeles, and look for the upcoming spot when the new season of Punk'd premieres March 29.