Glee's Regionals episode is upon us, promising standing ovations and surprisingly moving moments of show choir choreography. One of the more noteworthy inclusions in tonight's set list is The Wanted's U.S. debut "Glad You Came," currently at No. 12 on the iTunes singles chart. Moving further away from where we saw them last November, the boys seemed excited at the possibility of their song being interpreted by Ohio's finest fictional characters, noting that the show is equally if not more popular overseas. The Dalton Academy Warblers have the honor of performing the boy band's track, with Sebastian (Grant Gustin) taking the lead. He's no Blaine Anderson—and in The Wanted terms, a total Max—but he certainly upholds Dalton's unspoken rule that there be an attractive and charming singer at the forefront of every performance. With overwrought late '90s boy band moves and echoey vocals it almost seems as if Sebastian's fellow Warblers already met their Fox hourly work limit for the week and thus went through the song un-miked. Guess this kills our hope for a Warblers-only episode? Do they own other clothes? While there's a lot to be desired, such a big platform should manage to direct a few new pairs of ears to the voices responsible for the original.

Glee's third season has featured a number of emerging hits—most notably Fun.'s "We Are Young"—plucked from early entry on the charts, and catapulted towards further success given the prime-time exposure. As the boys continue their American promotional push, they can only hope tonight's episode will do the same for their song. Watch below.