One Direction may have the No. 1 album in the country, but if the best way to win over fans is with unprecedented access, The Wanted may have gotten a leg up on their U.K. counterparts following their performance Tuesday night. The group made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, returning to the States after what American fans will consider much too lengthy of an absence. To make it up to them, the boys invited those in attendance to hit the makeshift dance floor during their performance of "Glad You Came," turning what usually is a modest set into a full-blown party, and giving Tonight Show lightning technicians a chance to spread their wings. The song's lyrics were brought to life without the passing off incessant drinks to their female guests (checking IDs would probably kill the mood) but the shrill screams and crowded dance floor helped to validate the song's Top 5 placement in the Billboard Hot 100. To reinforce the extent of their American fandom, they even gave the girl in the glasses her very own "Halo" moment. Hate on her tone all you want, but she's the one hanging out under Max's armpit. Watch below.