The Wanted Lands On Mark Wahlberg's Radar

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Mark Wahlberg is now making it a practice of plucking teen idols for his latest film projects. While his Justin Bieber movie is still in the works, he may already be prepared to tap the latest music craze for his next movie. UK rags are reporting that The Wanted, who paparazzi would like to us to refer to as the bad boys of England, have thoroughly charmed the reformed American bad boy enough to land a cameo in the feature-length Entourage film. Yes, this movie is possibly still happening. Even Lloyd says it could be true.

The proposed cameo is a blend of both Wahlberg's personal taste and keen business sense. The group met with the actor-producer-burger man in Barbados and "got on like a house on fire," which seems like an impressive feat, potentially made easier if his daughter was around. But given the tear "Glad You Came" has been on here in the States, even a former rapper and proud Boston sports fan can't deny the draw that lies within feeding a few throwaway lines to a boy band. "Mark is a big fan and wants them to star in the film in some capacity. The Wanted are hot right now and Mark is right to want to capitalize on this," a source tells The Mirror. Doug Ellin needs to step up to the plate and deliver a script before we delve into this fully, but there's no harm in brainstorming: Does Vince simply run into the guys at a premiere in L.A., or will E attempt to woo Britain's next big thing away from the clutches of Scooter Braun? Actually, that's something we'd like to see. Make it happen, Marky Mark! There's no way Scooter would say no to a walk-on role.

It's not quite starring in their own film à la The Beatles or their contemporaries Big Time Rush, and most some will argue that an Entourage film shouldn't even be in the works, yet winning the attention of a major Hollywood player is another nod to their growing popularity. Between this and One Direction's massive Today showing, the takeover is real. And The Wanted's album doesn't come out here until April! Prepare yourselves for much more to come.

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