Fresh off the release of their self-titled American debut, The Wanted are back in the studio working on their next record. The group spoke to Captial FM about new material and potential big-name collaborators, and due to mutual admiration and the connections of Scooter Brown, Chris Brown is high on the list. "He said he liked our music and stuff. He'd spoke to Scooter since then and said he'd love to do a song with us so who knows. If it's the right song then we'll do it," explained Max. With Brown's move towards mainstream pop and dance, the combination of his vocals on a celebratory track from The Wanted could make for the next big party anthem, and another example of the fruitful relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States. Side note: Do only his own artists have the privilege of calling him "Scoot," or can we hop on that, too?

With Chris Brown's Fortune pushed back from its original June release date, the conversation turned towards opening for Breezy on his summer tour. "There's talk about us, he's got his American tour coming up in July, maybe we'll go on that for a few shows which will be cool," added Tom. "Hitting that urban market—The Wanted go urban [Laughs]." Oh, Tom. Never change. The band's upcoming schedule is rather light on live dates, save for the occasional festival, radio gig or Olympic torch relay. So much free time leaves them perfectly capable of opening for Brown, who can always use a helping of image control—though with the members' tendency to say whatever they want, it might not be much better than Breezy. Consider The Wanted's interviews a Breezy Tweet Rant Lite.

To keep this an even playing field, if The Wanted team up with Chris Brown, then One Direction needs to open for... Rihanna, Justin Bieber or KAN-YE WEST. Nothing wrong with dreaming big.