As the release of their American self-titled debut looms (less than one week!) the members of The Wanted have done some thinking about what the future holds. "You always want to do better than your last song and we've set a really high standard with 'Glad You Came' already," Jay told MTV during a recent interview on the set of their upcoming video for "Chasing The Sun." Since hitting airwaves late last year the single has become their breakout smash Stateside, gracing the stages of American Idol, Glee and The Tonight Show, and launching a timeless debate over its true lyrical meaning, which is everything you need to maintain relevancy for a solid year. But like Ariel, they want more. "But we know now just with the singles we've got in our pocket there's no way we're going anywhere," he continued. "We're here to stay, and our songs are going to get better and better. I'm just bragging right now so hard."

And with good reason. Along with a powerful collection of celebs in their corner, "Glad You Came" is currently #3 on the Hot 100, on the verge of cracking the top spot next week—unless Gotye has anything to say about it. With pre-album promotion in full swing, the group delivered their first performance of "Chasing The Sun" in prime-time on last night's The Voice, smoke machine, flag dancers and Team Blake cameo included. They've got the Olympics this summer and probably a fragrance and/or fast casual restaurant endorsement down the line, so will the next stop be announcing a 2013 tour? (Gotta keep up with your European brethren.) We can only hope.

Watch and learn how your current favorites manage to prolong their nights, while still looking like they've gotten a healthy eight hours of sleep, below.