Making the most of their U.S. press tour—going on three weeks now—The Wanted furthered their education on the American media machine with a stop at King Seacrest's manor in L.A. After exchanging pleasantries and making sure Ryan could read their handmade Post-it name tags, the boys were privy to their individual bios sent around to before big press days, which they claim they have nothing to do with. Per boy band tradition, only the most pertinent information is included, namely eloquent descriptions of hairstyles and complexions. We've included the best of each below, in case you haven't read them before, complete with the best in surprised Wanted member reactions:

Jay: Hair of curls like a 10-year-old boy, face of a sensitive poet. ("[They] Disney-fied me a bit!")

Max: Shaved head, green hazel eyes the size of dilactic moons. ("Someone got a bit poetic.")

Tom: Hair like a Brit pop guitar player, face like a Gillette "the best a man can get" model. ("What's so funny, guys? Take that!")

Siva: Half Irish, half Sri Lankan; hair like Elvis, a face like a sculpture in bronze. ("You should get that on a t-shirt.")

Nathan: Diehard Manchester United supporter and lover of all good soul and R&B music. ("I'll take that, yeah.")

Accurate or not, those are definitely slogan-worthy descriptors—make way for the apparel deals! When the laughter subsided, Seacrest revealed that Glee has recently expressed interest in the U.K. imports, furthering the show's practice of snatching up the latest hit for an iTunes-climbing cover. "We got a phone call saying that Glee wants to cover ‘Glad You Came,'" one said during their interview. "That's a big deal," Ryan replied, lest the Gospel of Ryan Murphy mean nothing to those across the pond. "Glee is just as big in the U.K. so when we heard it was just like 'What's going on boys?' It's crazy," they explained. Mark you calendars for Ohio's forthcoming British invasion, folks. Until then, count the mentions of "cheers" and watch their acoustic performance of sait hit, below.