To his credit, The Weeknd has done a good job of stepping out of the shadows a little over the past 12 months. He played at Coachella and a bunch of other places, he actually gave his three mixtapes a proper LP release (as the three-disc Trilogy set), and he even released a single, making a music video for it and everything. But old habits die hard, and when the singer born Abel Tesfaye decided to announce that he would be announcing a new album next year, he did so in just about the most purposefully obscure way possible, with the following tweet and image:

C'mon man. So hard to just be like "Heads up guys, new album coming your way in a spell, know that shit"? You gotta take the trouble to take a screenshot of your desktop with a folder that implies you're recording a new album, upload it to your computer and then tweet it out? Trying a bit too hard there, Abel.

Oh, but, new Weeknd album. That's pretty cool I guess. Last few were good.