Let's do some music-video identification on this here clip. Drugs? Near-nudity? Possibly malevolent children? Blurriness and cinematic vagueness, where every little movement and shot looks like it's trying to creep you out? More drugs? Equal overdoses of pervery and lechery delivered via the stare of the camera and a male protector figure (Spin wants to think it's her stepdad, and we're just gonna go with that for our own well-being; note that this does not in fact really make it any better)? All this for a track named after a city in Canada? A track that samples a Serge Gainsbourg song, which definitely makes none of this any more comfortable? Yep: must be by The Weeknd--specifically, by High5Collective--for one of the Echoes of Silence tracks. Like the album, it's at least deliberately creepy, but yeesh. Watch below, then go take a shower.