Premiere: The Wild Wild offers sage advice with "Alright" lyric video

The bouncy synth-pop mastermind weathers the storm and rises victorious.

Tattered and torn, The Wild Wild remains optimistic--unearthing a glossy, sunny disposition amidst a raging storm overhead. "Alright," produced by Andrew Dawson (known for his work with Kanye West, fun. and others), is baked in the southern California spirit, radiating exuberant wisdom and strength. The accompanying lyric video, which premieres today, exudes a charming and cheesy narrative. "When I sat down to write 'Alright,' I knew for sure that the song was a conversation," shares the man behind the mask, Benjamin Dunn.

"The idea for the lyric video being a literal text convo came pretty naturally in that context. It's almost as if you're kinda spying on a conversation between two cheesy lovers or friends or whatever," he continues. "It screams about being positive, or at least trying to get the positive even in the midst of a negative situation."

"Alright" follows 2016's criminally underrated Kids EP, a splashy bow packed with unwavering songwriting and glittery melodies. Mountainous peaks such as "When We Were Young" (not to be confused with the searing Adele ballad of the same name) and "Young Blood" jingle with a deep-rooted shrewdness, pinned with bubbly percussion, tambourines and straight-to-the-brain synths.

In the past year, The Wild Wild has netted millions of Spotify streams, with "When We Were Young" leading the charge with north of the four-million threshold. Elsewhere, "Kids of the Sun" and "Young Blood" scoop in thousands apiece. With a world deteriorating exponentially by the second, his inspiring indie-folk brand of power-pop is exactly what we need right now. "Let me take the world off your shoulders. Let me take the weight off your chest," he avows on the syrupy second verse.

Watch below:


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