This is the most hilarious thing we've seen all day, and we've seen Illuminati videos today. (Just... don't ask. It's not just like falling down a rabbit hole, it's like falling down a rabbit hole with spikes flinging out the sides periodically.) Basically, Ericka Lee--the woman who says she did the "are you drunk right now?" part on Drake's "Marvin's Room"--is suing for royalties. That in itself is hilarious. But it gets better. Oh, does it get better:

* Lee and Drake, according to the suit, had a "romantic and business partnership." This never ends well, does it? But that's not the funny part. The funny part is that they allegedly recorded "Marvin's Room" while they were together, and the resulting song caused them to break up. Maybe she did some mental arithmetic and realized that they weren't together four times that week and that he didn't explain. Maybe she decided she really could do better. Who knows?

* From the article: "Drake supposedly acknowledged Lee's contributions in text messages sent to her. One read, "U basically made that song." Another read, "It's s--t without you." Is this... is this Drake admitting that the best parts of his songs don't involve him? He just legitimized the griping of half the world's rock critics!

* According to the lawsuit, Drake credited Lee as "Syren Lyric Muse." This is, all at once: a) something T-Pain would totally name a kid; b) something Drake would totally nickname someone he's trying to pick up; c) absolutely hilarious.