The Woody Allen, Bill Cosby Connection

woody allen bill cosby connection

The news that Woody Allen will create a TV series for Amazon Studios has sparked debate and unearthed a disturbing connection between Allen and fellow disgraced icon Bill Cosby.

In the liner notes of a collection of Allen's stand-up routines fron the 1960s, Robert B. Weide writes:

Between sets, Woody and Bill Cosby would often stroll the neighborhood together until it was time for each of them to return to their respective venues for their next performance. Imagine that.

Bill Cosby Sues Alleged Sex Assault Victims For Causing Him ‘Emotional Distress’

I don't want to imagine it, but it's not hard. Both men have caused offense with their behavior towards women, and it's interesting to see how their behavior has effected their careers.

While NBC has announced the end of its relationship with Cosby and Netflix recently cancelled Bill Cosby’s special, Allen is rewarded with a new TV series.

Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Depo Reveals Sickening Behavior And Arrogance

Cosby has yet to be charged with a crime but his reputation is in tatters. Allegations against Allen by his daughter Dylan, who says he molested her, have not been proven but have cast a shadow over his persona, as did his relationship with his 19 year-old stepdaughter.

Looking back at Allen's stand-up carer, journalist Samantha Allen notes that his jokes about his first ex-wife were so contemptuous that she sued him for defamation of character.

Bill Cosby Admitted To Using Sedatives On Women For Sex Back In 2005

His hostility then is disturbingly reminiscent of the nasty portrayal of Mia Farrow in his New York TImes Op-ed, denying Dylan's accusations.

Like Cosby, Woody Allen is a powerful man who feels that his work should somehow trumps concerns about his private life.

Will Amazon customers be offended by Woody Allen's personal behavior, or will the economic risk pay off?

Amy Schumer Defends Bill Cosby In The Court Of Public Opinion

Family therapist SaraKay Smullens has gone to the trouble to find a number where you can complain about Amazon's decision to employ Woody Allen: 866 216 1072.

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