Fan favorite and eliminated X Factor contestant Astro, the rapping phenom from Brooklyn is making the best of his reality television notoriety by landing in the welcoming arms of a Chery Lloyd video. The 15-year-old makes a cameo in a fellow product of the Simon Cowell machine's new clip for "Want U Back," which defies every written word of He's Just Not That Into You, The Rules and any other female self-help book that we all have no problem trashing until we get that awful, nauseating feeling that what said experts recommend might in fact be true. It's not OK to crash an ex-boyfriend's date or call the mother of his newest girlfriend with flubbed test results? Rats. As a recent break-up victim, Lloyd has a hard time letting go of the past–or the past as she remembers it—and continues to replay moments with the help of her iPad.'s not the only one with an obsession. While she takes liberties with her memories, she also does her best to alter the present and future, stalking her ex and finding ways to screw things up for him whenever she can. Astro pops up in a less mischievous way, namely to commiserate over his complex broken heart. We're sure he's probably singing about some fellow post-pubescent high schooler. Or, Nicole Scherzinger. Even across a great wide ocean, the bond of X Factor is forever. Watch below.