The X Factor's officially exited its America's Got Talent phase. Now we're emulating The Voice: random guest judges who appear for roughly five minutes each per two hours, shots of the contestants' houses (sadly, none had the same... something as Cee Lo in a towel in the spa), winnowing down 32 contestants to 16.

16, incidentally, is also the number of performers. Thanks to another dismal event out of Detroit (calm down, Tigers fans, we meant the rain), we've got one weekday fewer to work with (the episode that would've aired last night will air Sunday at 8 p.m., dashing plans everywhere.) You'd think the producers would re-edit the thing to kill the filler and let all 32 perform. But no--only half performed, the rest relegated to quick soundbites and standing around in spare rooms. But then again, they still had an automatic advantage just for showing up. The same cannot be said for our No. 50....

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