CARNAGE! That's what The X Factor would have had you believe about tonight's two-and-a-half-hour slab of an episode, which began with 17 singers and ended with an even dozen. What it amounted to was one contestant eliminated from each group (with an extra for Simon, which turned out to be completely anticlimactic anyway), which is hardly a bloodbath compared to the boot-camp episodes or, hell, the successive halving that The Voice did.

That doesn't mean a couple deserving singers didn't leave us tonight, though, and it certainly didn't mean every contestant was in tippy-top form. We're doing things a bit differently for today's power rankings. The top 12 is reserved for the actual top 12 this time, as a baseline measurement. The judges, no matter how apt, and the eliminated contestants, no matter how magnetic, take the remaining spots. Of course, some of them would've ended up there anyway. Whomever could we be referring to? Read on!